Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solutions are an integral part of any Finance Transformation, and essential to running a modern finance organization.  In our opinion, OneStream stands above the rest.  The Ruther Group is pleased to be affiliated with Onestream.

The OneStream XF Corporate Performance Management Platform quickly and easily aligns to your business changes by leveraging core financial consolidation, planning, data quality, and financial reporting capabilities. The XF MarketPlace allows you to extend the XF CPM Platform to deliver more solutions without adding complexity. Call us today to learn more at 616-550-9415.


Increase Agility

Deliver the agility needed to quickly and easily adapt to business changes


Gain Insight

Gain the insight needed to make better decisions and drive profitability


Increase Control

Combine strict corporate controls with business unit operational relevance


Lower Risk & TCO

Reduce the integration risk and cost of deploying product and application reporting silos

All OneStream XF Platform and MarketPlace solutions live in one product and one application for a simplified users experience. Guided Workflows and combined reporting dramatically improve your ability to successfully deploy additional solutions.

OneStream XF CPM Platform:

  • Financial Consolidation and Reporting
  • Financial Data Quality
  • Budgeting, Forecasting and Planning
  •  Financial Reporting and Analysis
  • XF Compliance Solutions
  • XF Cloud

XF MarketPlace Solutions:

  • People Planning
  • Capex Planning
  • Thing Planning
  • Cash Planning
  • Pre-built Cash Flow Dimensions
  • Close Manager and more
OneStream XF offers a significantly lower cost of ownership with its unified CPM platform.
  • Upgrade in hours not months for a massive hard dollar savings
  • Eliminate the need to maintain costly integrations between products and applications as your business changes
  • Leverage and extend the platform to more quickly deploy additional solutions
  • Reduce training costs and effort as all solutions leverage a common user experience
  • When you buy OneStream XF, you own all the software you will ever need on day one
Lower the significant costs associated with multiple application deployments including the cost of licensing, installation, deployment and maintenance.