‚ÄčThe Ruther Group LLC offers part-time CFO Services to guide you through your toughest challenges, enhance your operational efficiency, and analyze your business to help you plan for the future. Our target clients are businesses generating up to $50 Million in annual revenues. Businesses in this range typically need a good CFO, but should not have one full time.


CFO/Controller services provide business clients a high-value alternative to maintaining their own finance and accounting function. Similarly, it has distinct advantages over hiring a CFO/Controller full time. The benefits of outsourcing to us include:

  • Core Competency. This is our focus and expertise.
  • Time and Cost Effective. Services only as appropriate.
  • Client Interest. We are not the auditors, therefore we work with management to achieve its goals.
  • Objectivity and Integrity.  Straight advice and analysis.
  • Dependability. Reporting and other deadlines are met.

Our services are highly flexible, proactive, and managed by professionals dedicated to excellence in financial accounting, and strategy execution.

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